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Darex began in 1973 in Beecher, Illinois. The D, A and R of DAREX are the initials of three generations of the Bernard family; David, Arthur and Richard Bernard. David and his father Richard, founded Darex. Grandfather Arthur Bernard, who earlier founded the Bernard Welding Company, contributed his energy and guidance to Darex.

In 1978, Darex relocated to Ashland, Oregon where they are located today. In 2008, Matthew Bernard became the fourth generation family owner of the company.

Since its beginning, Darex has grown to become the makers of the world’s best-selling industrial drill sharpeners as well as full range of commercial and consumer sharpening products.

Darex® brands include Darex® industrial sharpeners, Drill Doctor® professionals, and home shop drill bit and spade bit sharpeners, and Work Sharp® tool sharpeners.

Darex has been helping industry, professionals, and do-it-yourselfers stay sharp for over 40 years.