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    Item # DDSB

    Drill Doctor Model SB


    The Drill Doctor SB - a precision machine that sharpens both Spade and Twist drill bits. This allows you to keep working on your project and save money by not buying new drill bits.The twist bit sharpening module uses a long lasting diamond grinding wheel that sharpens a wide variety of bits from 3/32” – 1/2". This includes high-speed steel (HSS), cobalt, TiN-coated bits and masonry bits. The spade bit module uses an industrial grade profiled, vitrified wheel to sharpen spade bits from 1/4" – 1 ½”, including specialty spade bits with screw points and spurs.


    Drill Doctor Model SB

    • Sharpens twist drill bits 3/32" to 1/2"
    • Sharpens spade bits 1/4" to 1- 1/2"
    • Sharpens masonry drill bits up to 1/2"
    • User-replaceable diamond sharpening wheel


    3-year warranty on all DRILL DOCTOR™ components; excludes abrasives. Warranty for consumer not industrial use. *NOTE: Using a 115V machine in a location with 230V power sources voids your warranty. For use outside North America, please select "WHERE TO BUY" in the CUSTOMER SERVICE menu at the top of the page to find a distributor in your country or region.

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    Customer Reviews

    Review by :  mirtolao@gmail.com
    Summary :   reduced utility

    Unfortunately this Drill Doctor doesn't resharpen drill bits 3/32 > 3/4.

    Drill Doctor Response:
    Model SB sharpens twist drill bits from 3/32" to 1/2", and spade drill bits from 1/4" to 1-1/2".
    Model 500X will sharpen twist drill bits up to 3/4" with an optional 3/4" chuck.
    Model 750X will sharpen twist drill bits up to 3/4" right out of the box.

    (Posted on 8/26/14)