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Sharp Tools Matter

Drill Doctor and Work Sharp

Innovative sharpening solutions for the home, shop and field.

Drill Doctor drill bit sharpeners put a fresh, sharp cutting edge on dull and broken drill bits. You already have a lifetime supply of drill bits - they can be quickly resharpened saving you time and money, and letting you stay on task without another trip to the hardware store.

Work Sharp creates knife and tool sharpeners designed to sharpen every knife you own, as well as cutting tools such as axes, shovels, mower blades, and most common yard tools. Work Sharp power sharpeners use flexible abrasive belts and built-in sharpening guides to put a factory-sharp edge on even the dullest blades. Work Sharp's manual sharpeners are designed for use in the shop and the field.

The videos below introduce our sharpeners. For more information on Work Sharp knife and tool sharpeners, click here. For more information about Drill Doctor drill bit sharpeners, use the menu above. If you have any questions, feel free to use the live chat in the lower right corner, or contact us here.