Founded in 1973

Drill Doctor started as a member of the Darex family of brands. Darex has been creating sharpening tools since 1973 under the brands Darex industrial bit sharpeners, Drill Doctor professional and DIY drill bit sharpeners, and Work Sharp knife and tool sharpeners.

Darex began in 1973 in Beecher, Illinois. The D, A, and R of Darex are the initials of three generations of the Bernard family. Grandfather Arthur Bernard, who earlier founded the Bernard Welding Company, contributed his energy and guidance to David and his father Richard.

In 1978, Darex relocated to Ashland, Oregon, where it continues to reside. In 2012, Matthew Bernard became the fourth-generation family owner of the company.

What We Do

We are proud to design and assemble our tools in the USA. You work hard for your money, and your tools are an investment. We are dedicated to creating quality tools with quality components and backing them with the best customer service you’ll never need.

What we make is as important as where we make it. Southern Oregon is a beautiful place to live and work, and we strive to do our part in our community to reduce waste.

How We Do It

We design, engineer, and calibrate our sharpening machines all under one roof – also shared by our in-house customer service, sales, and admin teams. We source as many components from North American manufacturers as we can, and insist our over-sea suppliers meet stringent quality control metrics and share in our practice of creating a great workplace for their employees.

The tools we make support this mantra and as a company we believe in eliminating waste and using our resources, respectfully to their full potential. With that we recycle as much of our waste as possible including; corrugated, glass, aluminum, steel, other metals, and plastics. In addition, we have a 110kW solar power system on our roof providing over half of our yearly electricity needs.


We are repeatedly voted one of the top businesses in Southern Oregon to work for. We believe this is due to our focus being not only on the products we make and sell, but also on our culture and the people we hire to be part of our team.

Many companies have core values, mission statements, and similar things, and many of them don’t use them. Here at Darex we use our mission and values as the central drivers of our business. By doing so we have created a unique, extraordinary business. It is exciting for us to get to share part of that with you through our products, our customer service team, or by working with us.